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Apartments, Underground parking, Penthouses

About "Solomon New Residence"

Building with love for those who are close to home! The new Solomon New Residence complex harmoniously combines tranquility with the active lifestyle that modern families have. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time, offers immediate access to schools and kindergartens. Each stage of construction is closely monitored and we ensure that all standards are met. We want to offer quality to future tenants, because we know how important investing in your own home is! The residents of the new complex will benefit from a developed infrastructure: underground parking, recreation areas and playgrounds for children. Surely, the complex will become the place where everyone will be eager to arrive and feel at ease. Together we invest in a better life at home!

Modern infrastructure

It is located in a new area with a well-developed infrastructure, including schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, fitness centers, medical clinics and parks, to meet the social needs of the residents.

Ventilated facades

Made of ceramic granite and with a resistance of over 50 years. The facade is insulated with 100 mm of pure ecological mineral wool, mechanically fixed.

High-quality construction

The structure is made of monolithic concrete, providing high stability and a low noise level.



For us, each apartment has its own personality, just like the beautiful, talented people with distinct passions and preferences who live in them.

years of experience
happy families
constructed complexes

Block layouts


Monolithic concrete structure (beams, columns, diaphragms, and slabs);
Brickwork with 300 mm aerated concrete blocks (AAC).

Exterior walls made of 300 mm aerated concrete blocks (AAC) + insulation.
Interior walls between apartments made of 200 mm aerated concrete blocks (AAC).
Interior walls between rooms made of 100 mm aerated concrete blocks (AAC).

PVC profile with 5 chambers, series 72 and up (depending on the type of manufacture);
Triple-glazed windows with special effect (energy efficiency);

Apartments 2750 mm;

24 kW gas boiler;
Bithermic heat exchanger.
Minimum 2-year warranty;

Premium-class metal door
3 sealing contours;
Thermally insulated with mineral wool
Thermally insulated door frame
Clad with MDF panels on both sides

Walls finished with decorative plaster
Floors and stairs made of ceramic tiles.

Premium class, high-quality finishes (stainless steel, mirror, stone), quiet, high speed.

100% ventilated, ceramo-granite with decorative composite elements, thermally insulated with 100 mm mineral wool.

The complex features underground parking.

Approximately 15-20 parking spaces will be arranged near the complex.

Will be arranged near the building.

The vicinity of the building will be landscaped with architectural elements, benches, recreational areas, trees, lawns, shrubs.

Water/Sewerage: installation of risers and primary connection nodes to hot and cold water, sewerage (risers up to the first branch) + connection to city networks;
Heating: installation of a fully functional heating system, 24 kW gas boiler, PPR/PE pipes and fittings, radiators in rooms (at levels P and E), including connections for towel dryers in bathroom and toilet;
Electricity: installation of electrical networks (1st cycle) – installation of corrugated/PE protective tubes, electrical cables, central electrical panel with protective devices, boxes for switches and sockets.
Low voltage networks: installation of connection nodes for telephone and internet in the panel (1st cycle - protective tubes for cables);
Gas networks: installation of the gasification system according to the execution project, connected to the boiler;
Metering: installation of meters: water (by the seller), electricity and gas (by the supplier);


Solomon Construct

mun. Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Blvd, 171/3

Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM